Another tech blog is born

With the proliferation of so many great technology blogs out there, one must wonder why there is a need for even yet another one.

The main reason for the existence of this blog is that times are currently hard, specially as a freelance developer. So as I am now on “holiday”, I have the opportunity to explore the various technologies and platforms which I previously didn’t have time for.

Hence, I am at this very moment trying out WordPress, not really for the first time, to first of all get exposure to non Microsoft technologies i.e. PHP and MySql. It will also enable me to assess the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress as a blogging platform and as a potential CMS for simple websites.Initially however, I will only be evaluating the user interface of WordPress.

In parallel, I am currently using this temporal opportunity to look into Umbraco. Being a .NET developer by trade, it was, I guess, a natural choice simply because it’s an open source CMS and not least for the great reviews it has garnered over the years.

Hence this blog will primarily repertoriate my adventures with Umbraco interspersed with some comments about WordPress as a blogging platform.

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