First impressions of WordPress

Getting onto WordPress was quick and painless to set up. Then, when I tried to customise the themes I got into a bit of a pickle as the “Appearance” option on the left hand column just wasn’t there. However, after I got the activation and confirmation email, I was then able to change the theme to what it currently is. On the topic of themes, WordPress provides a ton of free themes. Unfortunately, I have been unable to work out how to change the theme to the “Jungleland” theme available at

Anyway, WordPress overall is very easy to use, well laid out and easily customisable. The auto saving feature while typing this or any other entry is very cool as it saves the contents regularly. The user interface is clean and organised in a logical way and the descriptive text for the various sections e.g. Excerpt, Send Trackbacks are helpful and should make sense to a computer savvy person.

However, I haven’t been able to edit the site tagline which currently says “Just another weblog”. I believe it should be possible but not quite obvious how to do that (UPDATE: It can be edited under “Settings”-> “General”). Another issue I’ve noticed with WordPress is how long it takes to publish a post and that might be why the autosave is so frequent just in case the connection times out. It might simply be due to the security settings though. So far however, it has been very impressive.

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