Installing Umbraco v 4.0.3 (Assembly version: 1.0.3625.27276)

I installed Umbraco on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit machine running IIS 7. Rather than rehashing information that’s already out there, the instructions on how to install Umbraco can be found at Before reading on, go through the installation procedure first because by and large these instructions are correct and should work on most configurations.

Update: In one of the steps involved, there’s a need to alter file and folder permissions. There is a script which one can run to do this easily and it can be found at Chris Houston’s blog. It worked for me.

What I’m going to explain here are the particular problems I encountered and how I resolved them. As you will see, they are really minor but it might prove to be of help.


At the end of Chapter 2, one is supposed to see the following:

Successfully installed IIS

However, if that is not the case and you get this:

Unable to connect

then it’s possible that IIS is not actually running.

Follow these steps to start your Umbraco website:

Open up IIS Manager(

Ensure that the Umbraco web site is running.

Default Web Site

In this case “Default Web Site” is running while the “Umbraco Test” test site is currently stopped.

First stop the “Default Web Site” and start your site by clicking on “Start” under “Manage Web Site” in the right hand column in IIS7.

Start Web Site

Then refresh http://localhost/


Chapter 9 Configure Umbraco

In step 14, there is a mention of “Boost”. However in the latest version at the time of writing, this option doesn’t exist and instead has been replaced, I believe, by Runway.

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