Bug in Runway Gallery XSLT

Before going in details about this bug, I must first say that I’ve deliberately omitted a discussion about macros, XSLT, .NET user controls, masterpages etc simply because in my previous post, there is ample discussion of these topics and how Umbraco is put together. Hence, from now on I’ll only document information focussed on troubleshooting, my understanding of Umbraco, some tutorials, and hopefully some useful tidbits. There will be a lot of references made to other sites simply because bugs that I’ve encountered would have been encountered by other users as well as been resolved by the latter.

This post is one such example. If you post enough pictures in a Runway album, you will come across a bug whereby the unordered list being created in the XSLT is not closing and opening up properly. Consequently, the image gallery doesn’t display properly.

The problem and the solution are explained in this post.

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