Creating a new solution in Visual Studio 2008 for Umbraco

Usually, when given a new Umbraco powered website to develop, I like to develop it with the safety net of a source control application, which in my case is TortoiseSVN. Hence, I need to create my VS solution and arrange my various projects in that solution folder accordingly. Here is what I want to achieve:

Solution folder

—HTML project (Here I slice and dice the HTML)

—MuseoCMS project folder

—Helper classes project folder

Here is how to do this.

  • Open up Visual Studio and Create a new ASP.NET web application project.
New project

New project

  • A new solution will be created as “D:\Work\Museo” as well as a new project “D:\Work\Museo\MuseoCMS” (Umbraco should be named CMS).
  • Delete Default.aspx and web.config.
  • In Windows Explorer, copy all the Umbraco files into the Umbraco folder at “D:\Work\Museo\MuseoCMS”.
  • Then go back to Visual Studio and in the Solution Explorer window click the “Show All Files” button as the files copied in the previous step won’t show up otherwise.
  • Highlight all the hidden files, right-click and select “Include in project”. Voila!!! All the Umbraco files will now be added to the project.

In order to add the HTML project do the following:

  • In Visual Studio add a new “Web Site” project and it will then appear at the same level as the “Umbraco” “Web application project“.
New web site project

New web site project

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