Copying files from Visual Studio environment to Umbraco web server using Robocopy troubleshooting

This has been detailed in Chris Houston’s blog post. However, when I tried doing it on a Windows 7 system, I got the following error message:

Error    3    The command “@echo off
echo *** COPY  ***
robocopy “Source” “Destination” /MIR /NP /XD” exited with code 16.

In order to debug what was going on, I used the Robocopy UI and ran one robocopy command only to check if copying was successful. It turns out that I had the “Source” path wrong.

However, even after I got the path right I got the message with exit code 1. For the life of me I couldn’t work out what was going wrong as the copying process seemed to have executed successfully.

That’s when I stumbled upon and after reading that post it made sense.

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