Delete folders which give error message “Cannot delete folder from … ‘Item not found'”

Earlier in my post build script I entered the following:

robocopy "$(ProjectDir)images" "C:\inetpub\Museo\build\images /MIR /NP /XD .svn >nul

The more observant will notice that I failed to close the destination parameter with the double quote required. What ended up happening was that in the folder, there were now two “images” folder. In order to delete the offending folder I followed the answer posted by Noodle on the following forum entry

For convenience sake, here’s what should be done:

C:\Users\Noodle\Downloads>rename PLUMB-~1 Noodle
C:\Users\Noodle\Downloads>del Noodle
C:\Users\Noodle\Downloads\Noodle\*, Are you sure (Y/N)? y
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