Delegates and Events series

For a very long time, I have been what JP Boodhoo describes as being a “consumer developer” i.e. I’ve been using frameworks e.g. ASP.NET MVC, Castle Windsor, etc and generally programming at a “high level of abstraction”. Whatever the reasons for that state of affairs, it has become obvious that I really need to get to grips with some fundamentals of the .NET platform and what it offers.

One of these fundamentals is the topic of “Delegates and Events”. While I’ve been able to “use/consume” anonymous methods, lambdas, Func, Action, etc, my style of programming has been such that I’ve tended to avoid “producing” code using delegates simply because I’ve never really been that comfortable with the latter and I’ve been able to get away with it. Moreover, there seems to be a movement towards a more functional style of programming as Mark Seemann observes.

Hence, this is my attempt to document my understanding on the matter and here are the links to the various posts:


The mechanics of delegates


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