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Umbraco Content picker and what happens in the database

Using the Content picker to link two pieces of “content” is very easy to do in the Umbraco backend. However, what happens in the back-end, although not hard, will take you some time to figure out. Hopefully, this will save

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Updating the “Zip Upload” package to work in Umbraco 4.5

The reason for my previous post about the “Anatomy of an Umbraco package” was borne out of the need to make the “Zip Upload” package work in Umbraco 4.5. As the comment by Dirk Seefeld points out, the problem was

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Anatomy of an Umbraco package

I shall use the “Zip upload” package by Tim Geyssens in order to illustrate how I understand a package is put together and wired up in Umbraco. First of all, download the package and look inside the zip file. Then

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Creating a new solution in Visual Studio 2008 for Umbraco

Usually, when given a new Umbraco powered website to develop, I like to develop it with the safety net of a source control application, which in my case is TortoiseSVN. Hence, I need to create my VS solution and arrange

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Bug in Ken Burns Slideshow

Today, I noticed that there was a bug in the Ken Burns slideshow as detailed in a previous post. The bug is simply that there’s actually no random effect and indeed when looking at the page source, the javascript output

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Output content of XML for current node

Update Although the code below provides the output of the current node, an even better way to get the conntect of the current node is to use the XSLT visualizer to get the content returned from <xsl:copy-of select=”…” />. To

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The file ‘/umbraco/developer/packages/LoadNitros.ascx’ does not exist.

See update below I wanted to play around with Umbraco on the following set up: Umbraco 4.0.3 Windows XP Pro SP3 SQL Server 2008 Express IIS 5.1 Web Platform Installer 2.0 Problem Everything was going swimmingly well until I got

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