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Copying files from Visual Studio environment to Umbraco web server using Robocopy troubleshooting

This has been detailed in Chris Houston’s blog post. However, when I tried doing it on a Windows 7 system, I got the following error message: Error    3    The command “@echo off echo *** COPY  *** robocopy “Source” “Destination” /MIR

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Umbraco zip file bulk upload bug

There would appear to be a lot of bugs surrounding the default image upload which comes with the Runway gallery. Problem What happened, in my case is that the upload which initially was working fine started giving me an error

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Bug in Runway Gallery XSLT

Before going in details about this bug, I must first say that I’ve deliberately omitted a discussion about macros, XSLT, .NET user controls, masterpages etc simply because in my previous post, there is ample discussion of these topics and how

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Installing Umbraco v 4.0.3 (Assembly version: 1.0.3625.27276)

I installed Umbraco on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit machine running IIS 7. Rather than rehashing information that’s already out there, the instructions on how to install Umbraco can be found at Before reading on, go through

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