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Implement a Ken Burns Slideshow in Umbraco using jQuery and XSLT

Update: Read the following post by all means as it contains useful information but there’s a bug in the randomEffect function and this post provides the correct code. While talking to a former colleague and extolling the virtues of Umbraco,

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Umbraco zip file bulk upload bug

There would appear to be a lot of bugs surrounding the default image upload which comes with the Runway gallery. Problem What happened, in my case is that the upload which initially was working fine started giving me an error

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Bug in Runway Gallery XSLT

Before going in details about this bug, I must first say that I’ve deliberately omitted a discussion about macros, XSLT, .NET user controls, masterpages etc simply because in my previous post, there is ample discussion of these topics and how

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I’ve installed Umbraco. Now what!?

After installing Umbraco, it can be quite disconcerting when you get confronted with the admin section and see nothing after clicking on preview. The fact is that after the installation process as outlined in a previous post, in effect only

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Installing Umbraco v 4.0.3 (Assembly version: 1.0.3625.27276)

I installed Umbraco on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit machine running IIS 7. Rather than rehashing information that’s already out there, the instructions on how to install Umbraco can be found at Before reading on, go through

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My first impressions of Umbraco

I have been playing around with Umbraco for just over a week now and overall I’m very impressed, from a developer’s perspective, for the following reasons: It was quite easy to install although on my first installation I ran into

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Why I chose Umbraco?

There are so many CMS systems out there that it is quite mind boggling to decide which one to use. I didn’t want to have to install each and everyone of them to learn which one would best suit my

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Another tech blog is born

With the proliferation of so many great technology blogs out there, one must wonder why there is a need for even yet another one. The main reason for the existence of this blog is that times are currently hard, specially

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